Rebar Machines

Since 1994, 3R is the official agent for France of SCHNELL, one of the world leader for reinforcement machineries. More than 300 automatic SCHNELL machines (such as stirrup-bender, cutting bench, shear-line, straightening machine, assembling machine, cage machine, bending machine and so on) are already installed in France, which are serviced with great efficiency by our service team comprising of 5 technicians and 3 salesmen.

On its side, 3R has developed a patented automatic marking device, named TAGGER, already equipping several workshops. 3R also completes its range of products with rebar-shop equipments such as lifting tongue for coils, stirrup collector, bar handling chariot as well as lifting tongue for mesh called CLIPPER.

Since 2009, 3R has become the official agent for France of “ZÜBLIN-MAB”, one of the world leader in cage making machines for concrete pipes.